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1 thought on “Tonight: Belgium Decides!”

  1. And the very last national final of the Eurovision season 2014 is a fact. All in all, this is still a good final even though I don’t agree with the selection process at all. The juries have made some disastrous choices.

    – Alex Hirsoux – Mother (Beautiful and emotional song about the love for a mother. Each time I listen to this song I get silent and emotional. Clearly the favorite to beat.)
    – Bandits – One (The youthful enthusiasm of these young guys is great. Very good singers and their performance is a pleasure to watch. I like the song very much, but I expected a more spectacular song.)
    – Eva Jacobs – Nothing is impossible (Strong popsong sung by the beautiful Eva.)
    – Sil – What’s the time in Tokyo? (Very good singer with a beautiful and fragile ballad.)
    – Udo – Hero (In Flanders fields) (A very strong song with an universal theme brilliantly sung by Udo. A major contender for victory, and rightly so.)
    – Yass – Need you tonight (The most uninteresting song of this final. I don’t like his voice and he doesn’t always seem to hit the right notes. Similarly, the combination of French and English doesn’t work in this song. Last place in the final for me. The fun and catchy “She’s after my piano” by 2Fabiola ft. Loredana did deserve this place in the final instead of Yass.)

    Good luck Belgium!

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