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12 thoughts on “Turkey: No 2014 Participation”

  1. Türkvizyon will Not suffer political votings? Ajajajaja TRT is a joke! Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan,Russia,Kirgistan and Turkey. And they said all will be fair. Who will win this Türkvizyon? Of course! Turkey! They Said that they aren’t conformed with the jury what are they doing ? Türkvizyon will also habe juries. A joke.TRT should Leave the EBU and Join to ABU if they want be Isolated from Eurovision.

    1. It does seem very hypocritical to oppose having a jury in Eurovision and then have it in the contest that you are organising.

    2. escspain, you have lack of point. Turkey must be remain in EBU because even though their country will create Turkvizyon, they must be returning to Eurovision in 2014. Look at Turkey’s Eurovision history, it’s rich and full of colour, I am not satisfied because Turkey must force to remain and join Eurovision. Besides, November 22 is the deadline of all eligible broadcasters to submit participation. Turkey has a lot of time to decide.

  2. Have you Seen esctoday? TRT will Not participate. I’m Sorry with the Turkish Eurofans but they also think that TRT is a joke. Best Solution:close TRT and create a New broadcaster who doesn’t Makes a Contest where irreal States could participate.

    1. escspain, you have a lot of flaws and errors in your reasoning. TRT will compete in Eurovision 2014, whether internal or national selection. Best solution: overrule this decision. Why? Because Eurovision will not be the same without Turkey. Besides, what does “isolated from Eurovision”? TRT is both a member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and the European Broadcasting Union, so don’t post unnecessary comments without evidence that will prove to your theory.

    1. TRT confirmed to esctoday yesterday that they will not be taking part as we have said in the article above, the Turkvizyon official website even says that Turkey will not be taking part in Eurovision 2014.

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