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Final: The Reason Why Eric Was Cut Off


Why Did You Say That Eric?
Why Did You Say That Eric?

Despite the fact that Eric Saade was one of the worst Green Room hosts that the contest has ever seen this was not the reason that he was cut from a number of feed abruptly. Last night during the green room when handing back to Petra Mede he said “Back to you Petra, #MILF”. The BBC was one of a number of channels that decided to cut the feed before Eric was able to say “#MILF”. Petra’s face when the feed returned also showed a picture of anger. You can see the incident below:

1 thought on “Final: The Reason Why Eric Was Cut Off”

  1. It was a planned joke that Petra Mede know about. She was not angry, it’s her humour. It was in the script. Check the facts….

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