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Malmö’13: Tonight The Juries Vote On Semi Final 1

The Pressures On
The Pressures On

The 1st full dress rehearsal is taking place right now in Malmö, however later tonight the juries will be voting in the second dress rehearsal. The juries this year hold more power than before as they now rank all of the songs from 1st to 16th. So for example:

  • The jury from Austria ranks Slovenia overall as 11th
  • But the public from Austria rank them 3rd
  • Slovenia will end up with an overall score of 14 points
  • The jury can then rank Ukraine as 1st
  • However the public can now rank them as 14th.
  • This gives Ukraine a score of 15 points

So in this situation Slovenia will now end up with a higher ranking than Ukraine, despite the juries giving Ukraine top marks. So tonight is crucial for those songs that will get a middle of the road placing from both the jury and the public as they could qualify ahead of those that go down well with the televote or jury but not down well with the jury or televote.

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