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Malmö’13: EBU Press Conference

A Round-UP Of The Press Conference
A Round-UP Of The Press Conference

Today saw the EBU press conference as the second set of rehearsals began. So here is a roundup of what was said at the press conference:

  • Jon Ola Sand made it clear that the EBU reference group approved the new method of working out the running order, the idea was suggested by SVT but approved by the reference group.
  • Sieste Bakker, outlined the new Eurovision app and made it clear that you can vote as long as you have a paypal account. A tablet version will also be released shortly.
  • Christer Bjorkman is also explained about the elements of the show, including a “gift to the fans”. This is a hilarious set of videos, showing Petra at big moments in ESC history. One clip will be shown during each show.
  • The Executive Supervisor will see the results of the semi finals before they audit the running order.
  • The Big 5 will be split with 3 in the first half and 2 in the second half of the final plus Sweden performing in 16th.
  • The preliminary dates for 2014 contest were once again told and they are 13rd, 15th and 17th of May.
  • CCTV of China have got the rights to show the contest on delay.

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