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Malmö’13: The Stage Is Taking Shape

Only 1 Week Till That Stage Is In Use

It’s just over a week until the first rehearsals begin at the Malmö Arena and the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest really gets under way. Back in February SVT revealed images of the design of the stage and as you can see from above it’s really taking shape. The stage this year sees a return of the outer stage that we did not see in Azerbaijan, but was present in Dusseldorf.

This year’s venue is the smallest since the 2007 contest in Helsinki that was held at the Hartwall Arena. The area directly in front of the stage and the catwalk will be a standing zone for fans, this will be the first time that a standing space has been provided at the contest.

The first rehearsal is Austria on Monday the 6th of May at 10am. These rehearsals will be behind closed doors.

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