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Malmö’13: Lynda Woodruff Returns


She’s back!

Lynda Woodruff the comic character performed by Sarah Dawn Finer will be making an appearance at Eurovision. Fans may remember her from Melodifestivalen 2012 when Lynda made her first appearance as an EBU official, she also made her European debut at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest as the vote announcer. She returned again this year to introduce Malmö to the public.

It has now been revealed that Lynda will be going around Sweden to present the country to Europe, so we are expecting some hilarious clips. Sarah told about Lynda:

“We wanted to do something that people would not usually see me do. But then, I did not even know that skit would be included in the broadcast.”

Here is her sketch from Melodifestivalen 2013:

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