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Changes To Kdam

The Israeli Broadcaster IBA have revealed a new selection process for Kdam 2013. The new format sees three semi finals, a second chance round and then the grand final over a period of 10 days.

In 2012 IBA had revealed they were working on a new process to select their entry for Eurovision however there was a fallout between the producers and the channel and in the end an internal selection chose Izabo for Baku.

This selection will see 30 acts taking part with three acts in each semi final going through to the final. 2 songs will progress from each semi final through to the second chance round where there will be three duals, the winners of these duels will then battle for the final space in the final. The voting for Kdam 2013 will be 70% public televote and 30% jury vote.

  • 26 February: Semifinal 1
  • 27 February: Semifinal 2
  • 28 February: Semifinal 3
  • 03 March: Second Chance
  • 07 March: Kdam Eurovision Final

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