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Belarus: Announcement on September 20th

Details Will Be Announced Next Week

Belarus will announce the selection process for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest on the 20th of September according to the Belarussian Telegraph Agency.

The source of this news at BTRC said to the Telegraphy Agency that “Currently, we are working on the regulations on the national selection contest. We plan to publish the document on September 20 to make it available to the general public” They went on to say that Belarus for 2013 “plans to reduce the expenses on the national selection and follow suit of most of the countries-participants of Eurovision which do not splash on national selections… focus will be placed on the promotion and preparation of a Belarusian participant for the international song contest in Sweden”.

The 2013 Belorussian representative will be announced by the end of the year according to the source so that they can be promoted internationally and be prepared for the contest. Belarus has not made it to the final since 2010 where they finished 24th just in front of the United Kingdom. In 2005 Belarus sent Angelica Agurbash on a Europe wide promotion campaign, however it did not pay off when Belarus came 13th in the Semi Final despite being one of the favorites.

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