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We would first like to thanks esckaz for creating this video. We want you to vote for your favourite song, here is all the information:

-Russia: Katya Ryabova – Kak Romeo i Dzhulyetta (As Romeo and Juliet)
-Ukraine: Kristall – Evropa (Europe)
-Georgia: Group Candy – Candy Music
-Belarus: Lidia Zablotskaya – Angely Dobra (Angels of goodness)
-Lithuania: Paulina Skrabyte – Debesys (Coulds)
-Armenia: Dalita – Wellcome to Armenia
-FYR Macedonia: Dorijan Dlaka feat. Dejana Popovska – Zhimi Ovoj Frak (I swear by this tailcoat)
-Belgium: Femke – Een Kusje Meer (One more kiss)
-Bulgaria: Ivan Ivanov – Supergeroy (Superhero)
-The Netherlands: Rachel – Ik ben een teenager (I’m a teenager)
-Sweden: Erik Rapp – Faller (I am falling)
-Latvia: Amanda Ba

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