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Total Points received: 1653
Points received in the semi finals: 422
Points received in the finals: 1231
Average points per contest:  57 (Semi Final + Final)

Cyprus debuted back in 1981 coming 6th on 69 points one of the islands best results, but there is always controversy between Cyprus and Greece in the contest who every year give 12 points to the other. Now lets have a look at who Cyprus votes for. In 1st we have Greece on 268 points that works out as 9.24 points per contest, not surpirsingly Cyprus gave Greece 12 points again this year.  In 2nd we have Spain on 106 points an average of 3.66 points per contest, points last went to Spain in 2008 when 4 points went to Madrid. 3rd place is Ireland on 90 points, 4th is the United Kingdom on 80 points and 5th are France on 72. Now lets see who Votes for Cyprus. In 1st we have Greece on 193 points and average of 6.66 points per contest, points last went from Greece in the finals to Cyprus in 2010 as 12 points. 2nd we have the United Kingdom on 71 points, points last left London in 2005 as 3 points. In 3rd we have Malta on 61, in joint 4th Finland and Denmark on 55. Now showing how long it has been since Cyprus has been in the finals Yugoslavia 5th on 52 points. Next nation up is the Czech Republic.

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