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Total Points received: 518
Points received in the semi finals: 6361
Points received in the finals: 157
Average points per contest:  74 (Semi Final + Final)

Bulgaria debuted back in 2005 and have now competed in 7 contests. Let’s look at who Bulgaria vote for in first we have 73 for Greece the last points going this year in the form of 10 points. Next is Turkey on 39 points last getting points in 2010 as 10 points. 3rd is Armenia on 38 followed by Ukriane on 28 and Russia on 25 points. Now lets have a look at who votes for Bulgaria, now seeming that Bulgaria has only made it to the finals once here are the countries that gave Bulgaria 12,10,8 and 7 points in 2007 when they came 5th. In first in Greece with 12, joint second are Cyrpus, Hungary and Spain.Thiurd goes to FYR Macedonia on 8 points, joint fourth are the Czech Republic, Malta and Slovenia. Finally in 5th we have Turkey and Austria. Sadly Bulgaria has never done that well only getting over 50 points in different contests twice in 2007 and 2008. Up next we have Croatia.

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