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How Many Points? Bosnia & Herzegovina

Total Points received: 1774
Points received in the semi finals: 693
Points received in the finals: 1081
Average points per contest:  104.35 (Semi Final + Final)

Bosnia & Herzegovina debuted back in 1993 and has participated in every contest since bar 1998 and 200 when poor placings in the previous contest saw them dropped. So lets see who votes for Bosnia & Herzegovina when in 2009 12 points crossed the border North to Zagreb. In 2nd we have Turkey on 91 with 10 points in 2010 going to Ankara. In 3rd we have Sloevnia on 61, 12 points went to Maja this year. Joint fourth are France, Malta and Serbia on 46 points. Now lets see who votes for them, Croatia is 1st on 134 points shared equally here then 12 points went to Dino Merlin this year, 2nd is Turkey who gave 10 to Dino this year as well. Up in 3rd is Slovenia on 93 points 12 points heading south to Sarajevo this year. 4th is Sweden on 74 and 5th Asutria on 67. Up next is Bulgaria.

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