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Total Points received: 2019
Points received in the semi finals: 349
Points received in the finals: 1671
Average points per contest:  38.094 (Semi Final + Final)

Belgium has been in the contest since the first ever contest in 1956 and nowhas made 53 appearances on the Eurovision stages coming 1st once and last eighttimes. Let’s see who Belgium votes for, in 1st we have the United Kingdom on145 points. in 2nd we have Germany on 135 points. In 3rd we have the Netherlands on 131, 4th Ireland on 130 and 5thSpain 119, it seems those points all came in the years where it’s was mainlyWestern nations in Eurovision. Now let’s have a look at who votes for Belgium votes for,1st is the Netherlands on 102. 2nd is their southern neighbour France on 92 In 3rd we have Spain on 84 the most recent going toDaniel Diges in 2010 as 1 point. 4th is the United Kingdom on 82 points and 5thPortugal on 81 points. Our next nation is Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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