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Total Points received: 551
Points received in the semi finals: 388
Points received in the finals: 163
Average points per contest:  68.875 (Semi Final + Final)

Belarus has had a very poor run in the contest since they debuted in 2004. Of the points that Belarus has accumulated 321 of them came in 2007 when Belarus made it to the final for the 1st time and finished in the top.10 placing 7th on 145 points. The remaining 230 have come in the rest of the contests. So let’s see who Belarus votes for and surprise , surprise Russia are 1st with 85 receiving on average 10.625 points per year their most recent points came in the form of 5 points in this year’s final. 2nd up is Ukraine on 66 points on an average of 8.25 points per contest the most recent of which came in the form of 10 points. 3rd is Georgia who are on 31 points who received 12 points this year. 4th is Azerbaijan on 30 and joint 5th are Armenia and Moldova on 26 points. Now let’s see who voted for Belarus in 1st is Georgia on 20 points, they only ranked 3rd in points given, Georgia gave Belarus 12 points in 2010. 2nd place is Russia on 14points on average they give Belarus a 7 per contest in which the reach the final, their last point came in the form of 2 points. 3rd goes to Moldova on 13 points they gave Belarus 3 points in 2010. 4th goes to both Israel and Ukraine on 12 points and 5th to Armenia and Malta on 10 points.

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