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Stella Gives Interveiw

Stella Mwangi this years Norweigan entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest today gave an interveiw to the Norweigan Breakfast show “God Morgen Norge” (Good Morning Norway) this the interveiw she gave this morning:
When asked about making her new album she replied “I enjoy every single second” Stellal oves too devote all her time to the music. Today told Stella that her new album Kinanda, “has received good reviews in the newspapers. Stella went on to say “We had a release concert at the Park Theatre yesterday, so I’m a bit late“she told Good Morning Norway and laughed. This has been an eventful six months for Mwangi.
“I can not believe it yet, you know. But now it is happening, and I enjoy it. I enjoy every second, “she said. Mwangi admits that she always thinks it‘s scary to release new songs or CDs.It is hoped that all will like it, but there are always different opinions. But I‘m very happy with the album” she says.
She loves to perform live. There will be a busy summer for the artist, who will be touring and making music videos. “I have a really long tour list, so now I just take one thing at a time, “said Mwangi. The artist will include opening spectacular show in Lillestr

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