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Split Voting results announced SF1

Today the EBU has released the split voting results and boy are there some shockers lets see the semi final 1 results first.

Semifinal 1 Televoting:
154 Greece
124 Azerbaijan
111 Finland
093 Russia
090 Georgia
079 Iceland
075 Armenia
073 Hungary
056 Norway
054 Turkey
052 Lithuania
045 Switzerland
042 Albania
042 Serbia
039 Portugal
032 Croatia
025 Poland
024 Malta
008 San Marino
With the televoters we see that  Norway, Armenia and Turkey would have made it through to the final, with Lithuania, Switzerland and Serbia not qualifying. We also see that San Marino comes last with 8 points which would have still been 3 points better than 2008. This list would have been the more expected list of qualifiers. Now lets have a look at the jury votes:
Semifinal 1 Jury voting:
113 Lithuania
109 Azerbaijan
104 Iceland
102 Serbia
086 Finland
084 Malta
076 Switzerland
074 Greece
074 San Marino
065 Hungary
061 Albania
058 Turkey
051 Georgia
049 Croatia
033 Armenia
032 Russia
029 Norway
013 Poland
006 Portugal
Interestingly San Marino would have made it to the final if it has been up to the jury, also Malta would have made it into the finals compared to the televote where they did poorly. Norway, Russia and Armenia did poorly but Russia was saved by the public votes. Portugal did horrendously showing that you need to be able to sing in this contest. Iceland also did incredibly well coming just 5 points behind Azerbaijan who eventually came 1st.
We will look at the semi final 2 results later today.

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