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The United Kingdom has seen its biggest viewing figures for the contest since 1999 and the viewing figures have doubled since last year when Josh Dubovie came last with 10 points. The show averaged 9.5 million viewers just over 40% of the market it then peaked at 11pm when 12.7 million tuned in during the voting just over 60% of the market share. Here are the hour by hour figures:

20:00-20:30: 7.0m (28.2%)
20:30-21:00: 7.9m (30.0%)
21:00-21:30: 9.5m (37.6%)
21:30-22:00: 9.1m (36.6%)
22:00-22:30: 9.6m (41.2%)
22:30-23:00: 12.0m (54.2%)
23:00-23:30: 12.0m (60.9%)

This shows that the contest is still popular within the United Kingdom and that it can still pull a large viewership for just the grand final. More of an incentive for bigger acts to represent the Uk possibly.

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