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Round Up of Each Countries Performance This Year p2

So the Eurovision Song Contest is gone for another year and the majority of us will drift off back to normality, but for the diehard fans it carries on year round. So how did this year’s contest go for each of the countries this year, this is the a-z of this year’s countries. We are now onto the four B’s of this years contest.

Belarus SF2: 14:

Well Belarus was a huge let down this year, it sounded so powerful on the mp3 yet did not manage to shine on the night. “I Love Belarus” was always going to be a very 50/50 song that would get publicity for being ohh so nationalistic. Still this is Belarus sixth best result in the contest coming 14th in the Semi Final with 45 points. Belarus go back to what your good at send a song that will work not just in Belarus.

Belgium: SF1: 11:

This was a real shock when the semi final votes were released that they came 11th just 1 point behind Switzerland. This is one of Belgium’s better results in the past six years, actually this is their second best result in six years. Belgium will be fairly happy with this result but they do need to send better more modern songs not the I wonder if this would work songs. Anyway well done Belgium see you next year.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Final: 6:

I was so surprised by how well this did it got six sets of 12 points and has given Bosnia & Herzegovina it’s second best placing ever. This song was brilliant but it got an amazing reception and had something that the others could not find. Bosnia & Herzegovina will be tremendously proud of Dino and things look up for 2012 for them. A win possibly?

Bulgaria SF1: 12:

First off thank you Bulgaria for the 12 point very much appreciated and also you had a brilliant song this year. This is Bulgaria’s third best result in the contest ever and “Na Inat” deserved a great placing. I would have loved to have seen this in the final but it was not to be. I could see Bulgaria going all out again next year but we will have to wait and see. Well done Bulgaria.

Up later we have another 4 countries.

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