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OGAE Semi Final Votes

Here is what the OGAE members think of this years songs, let see if there is anything interesting we can find.
In Semi Final 1 we see that from 12th to 9th is covered by 20 points. We see the predicted nations that we not fan favourites in the last 5 places. It will be a tussle in the last 10th spot on who will make it through so that will be one to watch. All other nations that are in the top 8 or so will make it and Armenia in 9th is a huge question for me. So now let’s have a look at Semi Final 2.

Semi Final 2 we don’t see that many shocks, but with the songs from the Netherlands and Slovakia both deserve better placing and we know this semi final will be very tight. Further up in the table I’m questioning the Ukrainian entry and Latvia, they may have decent songs but the quality of those songs in the border top 10 region are far better. But as we all know the fans decision will be outweighed by the public vote. So we shall see how it goes in Thursday.

If you want to leave a comment please do, until then have fun and enjoy your weekend.

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