We don’t just cover the news from the Eurovision contests taking place today, below you can find in-depth looks at past contests as well as events that never took place or were cancelled. Find out more about the proposed talent contest, the first edition of Junior Eurovision, or maybe you could have participated in Test The Song Contest!

Eurovision Talent Contest – More details here.

Launched in December 2007 the Eurovision Talent Contest would bring together the Eurovision brand and talent from across Europe. Find out who was supposed to compete, how the event would work and what happened to the contest.

Eurovision Young Dancers 2009 – More details here.

Eurovision Young Dancers 2009 was the contest that never took place. Planned to bring Young Dancers back to the screen after a four year gap, the contest was due to take place on June 19, 2009 in Oslo. Find out who would have competed and why it was cancelled.

Junior Eurovision 2003 – More details here.

Take a look back at the first ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest, find out about the countries who took part including the national selections. There are also additional links to watch back the contest, the national selections and much more.

Test The Song Contest – More details here.

Find out more about a planned television event to find out which country in Europe knew the most about the Eurovision Song Contest.