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After a one year break, the Director General of BNT has confirmed to Bulgarian news site 24chasa that the nation will be coming back to the contest.

BNT have reportedly signed the agreement and rule book needed to participate. Bulgaria had last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, before withdrawing from last years contest in Israel. Bulgaria joins Ukraine in re-joining the contest this year.

Financial difficulties

This comes as a shocking surprise following the broadcaster’s exceptionally heavy debts in the past year which resulted in their withdrawal to the 2019 contest in Israel.

24chasa reports that the broadcaster won’t be spending a dime on the country’s return, every single investment will be financed by a sponsor that is set to be revealed at the official press conference regarding the matter, everything from the artist selection process to the production of the song including video and performance will all be taken on their expense.

History has shown BNT that usually a participation costs them between 400k and 500k Bulgarian Lev (200 000 – 250 000 euros) and the highest one was close to 1 million Lev (500k euros).

Bulgaria in Eurovision

The Balkan nation had previously withdrawn in 2014 and 2015 citing fnancial reasons. The broadcaster stated that they were not receiving sufficient funds to participate in Eurovision and had to re-build their  approach to the contest. Prior to 2013, they had only qualified once in the history the competition out of 9 appearances.

On their return to the contest in 2016 they finished 4th with Poli Genova’s “If love was a crime” which at the time was the best result for Bulgaria at the contest. The following year Kristian Kostov finished 2nd for the nation in Kyiv. Despite high expectations Bulgaria finished 14th in the final with Equinox.

Source: 24chasa

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