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Eurovision’20: National Tourist Board Pushes For Eurovision Outside of Amsterdam

NBTC, the Dutch national tourist board, is pushing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 to be held out of Amsterdam.

NBTC is pushing for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest to be held outside of Amsterdam, and used as a showcase to show the world the rest of the Netherlands. The Director of Strategy and Branding at the NBTC singles out Amsterdam stating:

Amsterdam has also registered as an interested party. This while the capital is already struggling with the pressure of large numbers of visitors.

Due to the large number of existing visitors to Amsterdam, NBTC wants Eurovision to take place outside of the city. Rotterdam, Arnhem and Maastricht are named as “great” potential cities to host that would show a more complete picture of the Netherlands.

NBTC also wants to see a different approach to the postcards that are shown at the 2020 contest. The tourist board doesn’t want to see clogs, canals and tulips, instead it sees the postcards as an opportunity to show the innovative Netherlands. Instead it wants to see postcards showcasing high tech development, water management and agrofood.

The NBTC ends saying:

If we make that investment, then we have to use the huge international publicity machine of the song festival as a means to show the power of today’s and less well-known Netherlands to the world. Show what our core values ​​are inventive, inclusive and open to

Source: NBTC

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