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7 thoughts on “Portugal: Reports Of Televoting Problems From Viewers Across Europe”

  1. OK. This makes sense, Portugal’s song is phenomenal. I wonder if they will listen and do something about it. I really feel for Conan.

  2. I think they should be envite Portugal to participate in the final after this . For all people can watch how many points Portugal will get!

  3. …there are a lot of viewers from Spain and France showing evidences from that!
    And NOBODY DOES NOTHING about that? It’s so simple like that: Portugal was robbed and….so simple like that?!!
    Conan Osiris should have said “YES” to calls for a boycott of Israel.

  4. The portuguese and people all over europe to do a peticion for Portugal can participate in thefinal !??

  5. In personal matters, off course we’re talking about a disrupting song. But I’m tallking about French and Spanish viewers concerning problems of televoting in the portuguese song. EVIDENCES. and, despiste personal likings, evidences means that the portugueses song was robbed. Point. And nobody did nothing at all. Point.

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