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1 thought on “Eurovision’19: Thousands of Tickets Remain Unsold”

  1. The venue’s locals should be the one to support ticket sales and not solely rely from the tourists. The waning popularity of the event itself and the perceived unpopular choice of last year’s winner might be the culprit too. We here in the USA?? just lost the opportunity to watch the LIVE telecast as LOGO TV lost its franchise. Geo-blocking coverage by the EBU is a poor a choice to make as they now see the consequences of their actions. There’s a lot of factors to consider too namely AUSTRALIA being allowed to participate after all these years, what gives? Maybe I’m wrong but EUROVISION might really be for the consumption of the Geo-Politics of the region itself, including the Land Down Under and the rest of us outside are just mere spectators, so to speak, JMHO. Peace to all.

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