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Bulgaria: No Plans in Near Future to Return to Eurovision

BNT has stated that it has no plans to return to Eurovision in the near term, as contest no longer fits the channels strategy.

BNT Eurovision has revealed on Twitter, that it is not planning a return to the Eurovision Song Contest in the near term. When asked on Twitter about a possible return BNT Eurovision Bulgaria stating:

“[…] more certainty about the matter to be available later on. At this stage there are no plans for (a) return in the near future as the program does not fit any longer in the content strategy of the broadcaster”

It is assumed from the broadcasters tweet that an announcement regarding Eurovision is expected later this year. It is not yet known whether BNT will be broadcasting the contest as they did during their absence in 2015.

Previous Withdrawal and Rising Success

The Balkan nation had previously withdrawn in 2014 and 2015 citing fnancial reasons. The broadcaster stated that they were not receiving sufficient funds to participate in Eurovision and had to re-build their  approach to the contest. Prior to 2013, they had only qualified once in the history the competition out of 9 appearances.

On their return to the contest in 2016 they finished 4th with Poli Genova’s “If love was a crime” which at the time was the best result for Bulgaria at the contest. The following year Kristian Kostov finished 2nd for the nation in Kyiv. Despite high expectations Bulgaria finished 14th in the final with Equinox.

In October of 2018, the broadcaster announced that it would no longer be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster cited the financial costs of participating in the competition as the reason for withdrawal.

Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest

At the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, 17-year-old Kristian Kostov finished in second place in the Grand Final, bringing Bulgaria their best ever result. 2017 saw Bulgaria make only their third final in their Eurovision history, the first being in 2007 when Elitsa & Stoyan finished 5th with the song “Water”. Bulgaria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005. The country competed annually from 2005 to 2013, before withdrawing for two years due to financial issues.


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