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Eurovision’19: Director General Of EBU Calls For Ministry Of Finance To Release Funds To KAN

The European Broadcasting Union is again urging on the Israeli Government to allow preparations for Eurovision 2019 to take place without interference.

Noel Curran, the Director General of the European Broadcasting Union has written a letter to the Israeli Government demanding funding be released to KAN. Mr Curran has written to the Minister of Finance to release the funds promised to the Israeli broadcaster for the organisation of Eurovision.

The letter to the Minister of Finance reads:

I write to you urgently as Director General of the EBU, which represents 117 public broadcasters in 56 countries, regarding the financing of Eurovision 2019. Unfortunately, we found out that, contrary to previous statements made during our meetings in Israel, the 70 million shekels that you had to transfer to KAN to finance Eurovision were transferred to the corporation only in the form of a 15-year loan.

The emergency changes in the financing of the competition are of particular concern because they can cause significant damage to KAN’s ability to function as a public service broadcasting authority.

The government’s decision on non-funding jeopardizes KAN’s ability to fulfill its obligations under the law, in particular the creation of various programs on various platforms designed to benefit the Israeli public, as stated in the Law on Public Broadcasting. You must decide on the financing of the competition and also execute the promise of financing for Eurovision security, as well as the normal functioning of KAN, so that we can continue to work smoothly on an event that will shine a light on Israel from across the world.

Last month the EBU wrote to the Israeli Government pushing for it to release the required funding to cover the costs of security at Eurovision. The Israeli Government has refused to cover the costs for security and has instead pushed the cost on to the Israeli broadcaster. As seen in the letter, the EBU has highlighted this as an issue that needs to be resolved.

Hareetz has not yet received a response to enquiries to the Israeli Government regarding the latest letter.

Source: Haaretz

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