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Italy: Federico Russo and Ema Stokholma Announced as Eurovision 2019 Commentators

Federico Russo will return to the commentator box for Italy at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For the fifth consecutive year Federico Russo will commentate on the all three Eurovision 2019 shows, with Ema Stokholma joining him for the two semi-finals. Federico has provided commentary for Italy since the 2015 contest.

Representing Italy this year is Mahmood, who was chosen to represent his country after he won Sanremo with his song “Soldi”. The song recently reached platinum status, as over 50,000 copies of the track have been sold.

What is “Soldi” About?

According to Mahmood, “Soldi” is a personal outburst, built on the relationship that the singer had with his father. The singer was born in Milan to a mother from Sardinia and a father from Egypt, however his father was absent from his life after the age of 6. Mahmood explained that his father has married four more times and left children around the world. Find out more about the message of the song here.


Italy debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and has participated a total of 42 times to date. Italy returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 having last participated in the contest in 1997, the country has withdrawn from the contest on a number of occasions in the past. Italy has won the contest twice, the first time being in 1964 and the latest being in 1990. Italy’s hosting of the contest in 1991 has been remembered as one of the most chaotic contests to date. Since their return in 2011 Italy has finished in the top 10 on six occasions.

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