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Ukraine: MARUV Reveals Details Of UA:PBC Eurovision Contract

MARUV has taken to social media to reveal details of the contract she must signed with UA:PBC to represent Ukraine at Eurovision.

MARUV revealed on Facebook her experience since being crowned the winner of Vidbir 2019, and then being told she isn’t yet the Ukrainian participant for Tel Aviv. The singer has also revealed details of the contract with the Ukrianian broadcaster UA:PBC that she must sign to be allowed to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv. In a post of Facebook she explained:

The last 24 hours were the most emotional in my life. I got a fair victory in the National preselection for the Eurovision 2019, having received the maximum support from the viewers and a high score from the jury members. But now they want to take away victory of all of us.

I am Ukrainian, I love my country and I am proud that I will represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv at the international Eurovision Song Contest 2019, despite the fact that within a day I received offers from three different countries to represent them. But my answer is categorical – I will perform in Ukraine and no where else!

You, for sure, have already heard about the contract between the participant from Ukraine and the NTU, which should be signed today before the lunch.

I am ready to cancel my performances in Russia. In the live broadcast I have answered all questions that were interesting to the jury. I have not visited Crimea since 2014. I have not violated a single law of Ukraine. And I’m also ready to assume all the costs of the participation in the International Competition.

And now about the astounding contract itself, what is demanded from me:

  1. I am forbidden to make any improvisation on the stage without the approval of the NTU. (Unagreed gymnastic splits, for example, will result in a fine of 2 million hryvnia)
  2. Immediate transfer of the copyright to the song belonging to the international label Warner Music (it was known about these rights before the start of the contest)
  3. Fully comply with any requirements and instructions of the NTU. (Theoretically, they can force me to dance at a birthday party with some deputy Prime Minister, and in case of refusal, they will disqualify me and oblige me again to pay a fine of 2 million hryvnia. Plus, to compensate the NTU for the alleged losses!)
  4. The ban on communication with journalists without the consent of the NTU. (Which completely violates freedom of speech and human rights)

And a lot of else what is absurd. In a case of violation of one of the points, a fine of 2 million hryvnia and compensation of losses also in an indefinite amount.

In return, I get nothing from the NTU: not a penny of financial support, nor assistance in organizing a trip, nor, especially, international promotional support. I even have to deal with a visa myself. Although, in the contract there are only a few items of the obligations of the NTU:

  1. To give me tips on the rules of the contest.
  2. With the permission of the NTU, to take with me 10 people at my own expense.
  3. Adhere to the terms of this contract

I feel pressure! And I see obvious attempts to make me refuse to represent my country at the international Eurovision Song Contest2019.

I ask for your support, support of the press and independent journalists who are not ready to fulfill someone’s order

Of note is that escKaz reports that the contract that MARUV must sign is not a new introduction from UA:PBC. It states that the contract has been used by UA:PBC for a number of years and that the clauses in the contract have not changed this year.

Source: MARUV

Ukraine first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, when Oleksandr Ponomariov performed “Hasta la vista”. The following year Ruslana brought the country their first win with the song “Wild Dances”. It was a feat that would be replicated in 2016 by Jamala with her song “1944”; her emotionally charged song scored a record 534 points to take victory in Stockholm. In 2017 O.Torvald represented the country on home soil with the song “Time”. The group finished in 24th place, Ukraine’s worst result at the contest to date.

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