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The running order for the final of Supernova 2019 has been revealed today.

The final of Latvia’s Eurovision selection show is set to take place on February 16th. Ahead of the show, LTV has revealed the order in which the eight artists will perform.

The running order is as follows:

  1. Markus Riva – You make me so crazy
  2. Edgars Kreilis – Cherry Absinthe
  3. Aivo Oskis – Somebody’s got my lover
  4. Double Faced Eels – Fire
  5. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens – Tautasdziesma
  6. Laime pilnīga  – Awe
  7. Samanta Tīna – Cutting the wire
  8. Carousel – That Night

A total of 83 songs were submitted for the Latvian Eurovision selection show for 2019. The contest is also undergoing a number of changes. For the first time performers and songwriters aged 16 will be allowed to take part in the competition. LTV also tightened the rules on the quality of the songs when they are submitted to the broadcaster.

Supernova is working with the Universal Music Group to promote Latvian music across the globe. While the selection continues to focus on Latvian performers, foreign producers, authors and singers are still be able to take part in the selection. For singers they must be part of a group formed of Latvian nationals.

Source: LTV

Latvia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, being the last of the Baltic nations to join the contest. On their debut, Brainstorm finished in 3rd place with the song “My Star”. Latvia won the contest for the first and only time in 2002, with Marie N’s “I Wanna”. Latvia only participated in 2002 thanks to the withdrawal of Portugal from the contest, as Latvia’s poor result in 2001 had relegated them from the 2002 contest. Latvia struggled in to the contest after 2002, failing to qualify for the final for six years between 2009 and 2014. In 2015 and 2016 Latvia has finished 6th and 15th in the final respectively.

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