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Denmark: “Only Teardrops” Was Rejected By Another Nation Before Winning Eurovision

Before going on to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, “Only Teardrops” was originally submitted to another nations Eurovision selection but was rejected.

Lise Cabble who has written three Danish Eurovision entries including “Only Teardrops”, has revealed more about the song that brought Denmark victory in 2013. The Danish songwriter revealed to BT that “Only Teardrops” was written in 2012 and wasn’t intended to compete in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. The song was submitted in to the German selection process, but NDR did not select the song to compete in the selection.

“Only Teardrops” was performed by Emmelie De Forest and won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 after topping the public vote, giving it a six point margin over second place Mohamed Ali. Before the contest it went on to be the favourite to win the contest in Malmo, Sweden.

Denmark performed in the first semi-final and won the semi-final with a total of 167 points. The performance received 12 points from seven nations, and received points from all of the 18 other nations voting in the semi-final.

In the Grand Final Denmark performed 18th after Hungary and before Denmark. At the end of the voting “Only Teardrops” had scored 281 points, 47 points clear of second placed Azerbaijan. Denmark received 8 sets of 12 points and received points from all of the other countries competing in the contest except San Marino.

Source: BT

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