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San Marino: International Artist To Represent San Marino at Eurovision 2019

San Marinese broadcaster RTV announced today that an international artist has been selected to represent at Eurovision 2019.

This evening, RTV announced that they have officially chosen who will be representing them at the upcoming contest and also revealed details as to when a press conference will be held. Head of Delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni, spoke earlier:

”We are soon to host an official press conference in San Marino in a few weeks’ time, when we will give further details about RTV’s participation. Currently, we are working on the post production of the song and the videoclip”.

Carlo Romeo, director general of SMRTV, has also spoken about this decision, saying that he is very confident with the chosen act. Romeo released his statement earlier today:

”This year we have worked hard on several proposals, as the Israeli edition is important to us for many reasons. Eventually we chose the best project, fully supported and approved with a wonderful International artist. Fingers crossed, but I think we will have a very good entry. Good luck to all our friends and colleagues involved in the organisation of such an important TV event, a world-wide event based on a joyous combination of music and dialogue, spectacle and friendship”.

Earlier last month, SMRTV revealed that they would not be using last year’s 1in360, despite 1in360’s plans for an even bigger show. Read more about the decision here.

Source: RTV

San Marino debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 alongside Azerbaijan. On their debut they were represented by Miodio and the song “Complice”, and finished last in their semi final with just 5 points. San Marino withdrew from the contest before returning again in 2011. Since then the country has participated annually and in 2014 qualified for their first final. The nations worst result came in 2017 when Valentina Monetta represented San Marino for the fourth time alongside Jimmie Wilson with “Spirit of the Night.” The pair finished last in their semi-final with just 1 point.

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