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Belarus: Acoustic Version of “Time” Released

The acoustic version of “Time”, Belarus’ entry for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has been released today.

Daniel Yastremski has released an acoustic version of “Time”. The latest version of the song is performed entirely in English and was created in cooperation with the songs composer Kirill Yermakov. Daniel said:

I feel absolutely different during the performance of the acoustic version of the song “TIME”. It gains on me as well as excites, I live in it. Both the violin and the piano animate the story of “TIME”: there is tension, relaxation, vanity and tranquility. I’ll be glad if the acoustic version of the song will appeal to the European listeners, and they will appreciate our work done.

Listen to the acoustic version of the song below:

Who is Daniel Yastremski?

Daniel Yastremski was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on the 12th February 2004. He moved to Minsk as a small child and has been taking part in music lessons since he was six years old. Since then he has taken part in numerous competitions and represented Belarus at New Wave Junior in 2017.

At the end of August, Daniel and nine other artists took to the national final stage and were judged by the public and jury. With his song “Time”, he took the victory and will represent his country at the upcoming contest in November.

Source: Daniel Yastremski

Belarus debuted at the first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, and have been present at every contest since. To date, Belarus have won the contest twice – first in 2005 with Ksenia Sitnik and her song “My Vmeste”, which received 149 points, and the second time in 2007 with Alexey Zhigalkovich and his song “S Druz’yami”, which received a total of 137 points. Their worst entry came from Egor Volchek and his song “Spjavajtse So Mnoj” in 2004, which received only 9 points. Belarus have placed in the top 3 a total of 5 times to date.

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