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Montenegro: Public Will Select Eurovision 2019 Entry

The Head of Delegation for Montenegro has confirmed that the public will decide the entry that will represent their nation at Eurovision 2019.

Speaking on RTCG this morning Nataša Baranin, the Head of Delegation for Montenegro, confirmed that for a second year in a row the public will decide who will represent Montenegro at Eurovision. Ms Baranin explained that the expert commission will make the shortlist of candidates from the submissions process. The shortlisted artists will be presented to the public and the public will select Montenegro’s participant.

Ms Baranin responded to questions regarding whether Montenegro should participate in Eurovision by explaining;

It’s like asking whether you need to send a football team or a sports team, and you know that chances are not high enough to triumph or win a medal. The mission of the Public Service is to affirm domestic creativity, domestic authors, to carry that progress , so that we can not be provincialized.

The Head of Delegation was clear that there was no other form of advertising outside of Eurovision that clearly showcases Montenegro and it’s musical talents.

Montenegro was represented by Vanja Radovanovic at the 2018 contest in Lisbon, Portugal. With his song “Inje”, he placed 16th in the semi-final. The singer had faced calls for his withdrawal from the competition in the hours before his performance, due to comments made at a press conference.

Source: RTCG

Montenegro debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country in 2007, and participated until 2010 when they withdrew for financial reasons. They returned to the contest in 2012, and since then have always chosen their entry internally. Montenegro failed to qualify for the grand final until 2014, when Sergej Ćetković and his song “Moj svijet” placed 19th in the final. Their best result came a year later, when Knez performed “Adio” in Vienna. They have never reached the top 10, with Knez reaching 13th out of 27 countries.

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