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Ireland: IASCA May Boycott Eurovision 2019

IASCA has revealed to the Irish Sun that they are to debate over whether the organisation will be boycotting the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

IASCA the Irish Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors is set to debate whether or not the organisation should boycott next years Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. General Manager of IASCA, Sinead Troy, told the Irish Sun that;

Should we protest? Should Ireland even be involved in Eurovision next year? That’s what we will be asking.

Ms Troy has stated publicly that she is in support of boycotting next years contest in Israel;

I think Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people is disgusting. This has been going on too long, and now is the time to stand up and be counted.

IASCA has previously called on RTÉ to involve the organisation more closely in its preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2017 the group expressed their disappointment at Ireland’s entry being entirely written by Swedish songwriters. IASCA stated they were not informed or able to tell their members to submit songs for the contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

RTÉ has already confirmed that they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Ireland’s participation in next years contest will be the 53rd time that the island nation has taken part in the contest since their debut in 1965.

The broadcaster has not confirmed currently how they will be selecting their participant for the contest in 2019. Since 2016 the broadcaster has opted to use an internal selection process. In 2017 this selection process evolved to allow for public submissions for the competition.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy represented Ireland in Lisbon this year with the song “Together”. He finished 16th in the final with 136 points. This was Ireland’s first appearance in the final since 2013 and their best result since 2012.

Source: Irish Sun

Ireland debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 and is currently the most successful country to have participated in the contest, winning a total of seven times. During the 1990s Ireland was a powerhouse in the contest becoming the first country to win three years in a row from 1992 to 1994. Since 2000 Ireland has struggled in the contest having qualified from the semi-final into the final just six out of a possible 13 times. Ireland’s last top 10 result came in 2011 when Jedward finished 8th in Dusseldorf.

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  1. This is getting irritating. Boycotting because of the politics of the host country defeats the purpose of the contest. And how will boycotting a song contest solve anything?

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