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Turkey: “If they can fix it, we can join Eurovision again” – TRT General Manager

The General Manager of the Turkish national broadcaster has stated that they will return to Eurovision if the contest is fixed.

İbrahim Eren the General Manager of TRT has voiced his thoughts on the Eurovision Song Contest, at a panel at a İbn Haldun University in Istanbul. Mr Eren gave a number of reasons for why TRT is has not returned to the contest since their withdrawal in 2012, he stated;

We don’t consider to rejoin the contest. We have reasons like the voting system. As a public broadcaster, we also cannot broadcast live at 9 p.m. –when children are still awake– someone like the bearded Austrian who wore a skirt, do not believe in genders and says that he is both a man and a woman

Mr Eren’s comments refer to Conchita Wurst the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. In 2013 TRT pulled its broadcast of the competition following the Finnish entries inclusion of same sex kissing between singer Krista Siegfrids and a backing singer. The General Manager added;

I have told the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on the Eurovision issue that they deviated from their values. As a result, other countries also left Eurovision. There is a mental chaos at the EBU because of its executives. If they can fix it, we can join Eurovision again

TRT has previously voiced its displeasure with the current Big Five setup in the competition. The five largest financial contributors to the EBU; France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom all automatically qualify for the Grand Final of the competition. In contrast all other nations excluding the host country must qualify through the semi-finals.


Source: Hurriyet Daily News

4 thoughts on “Turkey: “If they can fix it, we can join Eurovision again” – TRT General Manager”

    1. Believe me people like him are not the majority in Turkey. I hope the country’s crooked politicians get the fuck out so that they can have some rest from the strangling conservatism (and join the Eurovision again of course).

  1. I’m very happy Turkey isn’t participating anymore. The voting system is finally balanced and gives more power to the wider public. Eurovision is also knows to be very LGBT focused, so if they can’t handle a lesbian kiss or a drag queen, they are not welcome here.

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