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Liechtenstein: “Have Not Applied For Membership” States EBU

Despite planning to debut at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Liechtenstein’s national broadcaster 1FLTV have not applied for an EBU membership.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has confirmed to ESCXTRA that they have not received an application from Liechtenstein’s 1FLTV to become an EBU member. It was reported last year that the broadcaster had submitted an application, which would have allowed them to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest, however the EBU stated that this was not true.

Local media were originally sceptical as to whether 1FLTV will be able to join the EBU and participate in the contest. Vaterland, one of Liechtenstein’s leading publications raises question marks about whether it is affordable or even realistic.

Liechtenstein, alongside the Vatican and Kosovo, remain the only internationally recognised states within Europe to have not taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest. The country attempted to take part in the 1976 contest with “Little Cowboy” by Biggi Bachman, but were not allowed due to the lack of a broadcaster. Since 1FLTV was formed in 2008, Eurovision has been a long-term aim for the broadcaster. In 2009 the broadcaster announced it was working towards a debut in 2010, but was unable to secure funding for EBU membership.


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