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1 thought on “Germany: Call For Participants in the Eurovision 2019 Selection Jury”

  1. Dear Eurovision TV team,

    I am Ana kadieshvili , Songwriter , Composer.
    I write songs in 5 different genres, classical rock, pop,lyrical,blues and jazz with music and lyrics. I am BMI member.

    At the moment my songs are not recorded in the studio and notpublished yet.

    I am looking for musical producer or music label who will help me to find appropriate artists for my songs and to put them in music industry.
    I am from Georgia Tbilisi and I live in Madrid in Spain now. I came to Spain to start my music career.

    I want to send my different genres songs private links confidentially to review them for Eurovision 2019 participate for your artist .

    I think my exclusive songs will be very sucessfull, by talented artists performing they will competitor any hits today.

    I am sending diferent genres original exclusive songs for male and female artists,

    Please review them carefuly,

    I have several questions,

    How can I take participate me as a Songwriter for Eurovision 2019 please?

    Which country accepts foriegner Songwriter please?

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