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Director General of EBU Warns that IPBC Could Lose Membership Of Organisation

Noel Curran the Director General of the EBU has warned that IPBC could lose its membership of the Union should the High Court uphold a law splitting its news wing from the broadcaster.

Chairman of IPBC Gil Omer and stations Director General Eldad Koblenz have been informed by the EBU that the station could lose its EBU membership should the High Court of Justice rule to split IPBC. Mr Omer and Koblenz requested an update on the broadcasters EBU membership as meetings took place last week to discuss splitting the entertainment and news wings of the broadcaster.

Mr Curran stated in the letter which was sent last week that;

the EBU may have reservations about membership on that basis and a new membership application would be required and subject to thorough reexamination by all the EBU governing bodies.


We are not aware of any PSM [public service media] organization that operates the news in a totally separate entity with a separate governance.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Communications Minister Ayoub Kara, Culture Minister Miri Regev, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and other officials to discuss how Israel can host the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. According to reports in the Israeli media the High Court wishes to approve the split of the broadcaster but delay it by 12-18 months to ensure that Israel can host next years contest.

IPBC currently holds interim membership of the European Broadcasting Union following the creation of IPBC a year ago. The EBU will be deciding again at the end of June whether to extend its interim membership.

Yesterday Israeli media reported that the European Broadcasting Union was considering moving the 2019 contest to Austria. Israel’s plan to host Eurovision has courted some controversy including concerns over boycotts. Problems have also arisen even within Israel, such as religious authorities’ concerns over the Shabbat. To date the following cities have expressed an interest in hosting next years contest;

Source: Times of Israel

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