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EBU Considering Moving Eurovision to Austria According to 1999 Contest Producer

Araleh Goldfinger, one of the Producers behind the Eurovision Song Contest 1999 is stating that the EBU is considering moving the 2019 contest to Austria.

Araleh Goldfinger a former Senior Editor at the Israeli Public Broadcaster and Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 1999 has expressed his concerns about the political interventions in plans for next years contest. Speaking in an interview today Mr Goldfinger was asked about the level of political intervention in the contest when Israel last hosted in 1999. According to Mr Goldfinger the Government did not attempt to get involved in the show in 1999 with the contest left to a small number of people at the Israeli broadcaster.

Mr Goldfinger explained that a senior person at the European Broadcasting Union had voiced additional concerns regarding political interventions in to next years contest. Mr Goldfinger stated that the EBU is concerned about local elections in Jerusalem in November which could lead to a coalition which would not allow preparations for the contest to function properly. He added that;

There is no doubt that all the statements made by political elements are not helpful, but are prompting more people in the (EBU) to make decisions and to stir up thoughts that we would not want them to.

The former Producer went on to explain that he had heard rumors that the European Broadcasting Union which oversees the competition is considering moving the show to Austria instead of having Israel host in 2019. He stated in his interview that;

It’s rare and it almost can not happen, but I know today that there is talk in the production team

It has been previously reported in the international press that the EBU was looking at runners up Cyprus and Austria as potential hosts of the 2019 contest, should Israel have the contest removed from them. The EBU has not commented on any reports in the Israeli and international media about next years Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Mako

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