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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2018 Entries Revealed

The full list of entries in the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2018 has been released, having been released on the contest’s official Facebook page. The contest is being organised in the city of Eskiltuna, 90 km west of Stockholm, after Mariette won last year’s contest with “A Million Years”. This was Sweden’s fifteenth win in the contest’s history.

The OGAE Second Chance has been held every year since 1987 among the national branches of OGAE, the official Eurovision fan club. Songs that did not their country’s national selection are eligible to take part in the contest. Members of the fan clubs then vote for their favourite songs.

27 songs will take part in this year’s contest. France, Romania, Armenia all return to the contest, while the Czech Republic and San Marino (competing under Rest of the World) take part for the first time. The Czech Republic had previously only taken part as a guest jury.

The participating entries are:

  1.  Hungary: yesyes – “Run Away”
  2. Norway: Rebecca – “Who we are”
  3. Serbia: Saška Janks – “Pesma za tebe”
  4. San Marino (OGAE Rest of the World): Sara de Blue – “Out of the Twilight”
  5. Estonia:  Stig Rästa – “Home”
  6. Sweden: John Lundvik – “My Turn”
  7. Iceland: Dagur Sigurðsson – “Í stormi”
  8. Italy: Annalisa – “Il Mondo Prima di Te”
  9. Germany:  VoXXclub – “I mog di so”
  10. France: Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO”
  11. Spain: Ana & Aitana – “Lo Malo”
  12. Malta: Richard & Joe – “Song for Dad”
  13. Ukraine: Kadnay – “Beat Of the Universe”
  14. Lithuania: Paula – “1 2 3″
  15. Belarus: Gunesh – “I won’t cry”
  16. Romania: Feli – “Royalty”
  17. Portugal: Catarina Miranda – “Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso De Nada”
  18. Denmark: Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”
  19. Latvia: Edgars Kreilis – “Younger Days”
  20. Albania: Inis Neziri “Piedestal”
  21. United Kingdom: Asanda – “Legends”
  22. Slovenia: Nuška Drašček – “Ne zapusti me zdaj”
  23. Finland: Saara Aalto – “Domino”
  24. Poland: Ifi Ude – “Love is Stronge”
  25. Switzerland: Alejandro Reyes – “Compass”
  26. Armenia: Nemra – “I’m a Liar”
  27. Czech Republic: Eva Burešová – “Fly”

Also voting in the contest are 16 guest juries. These are from countries that did not have a national selection for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest or did not take part. Bulgaria will take part as a guest jury for the first time this year.

The guest juries are:

  • Croatia
  • Belgium
  • Israel
  • Cyprus
  • Russia
  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Greece
  • Slovakia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ireland
  • Turkey
  • Netherlands
  • Macedonia
  • Bulgaria

The schedule of the 2018 contest is as follows:

  • March 31st – Clubs confirming their participation
  • April 30th – Clubs confirming their songs to OGAE International and Melodifestivalklubben
  • June 15th – Preview video with all 27 entries, and opening of the votes
  • September 1st – Deadline for the clubs to send their results
  • October 5th – Recording of the results show in Eskilstuna
  • October 13th – Online streaming of the results show

Source: Melodifestivalklubben

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