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EBU Wants to See More Commentators Attend the Eurovision Song Contest

The European Broadcasting Union is calling on participating broadcasters to send their commentary teams to the host city of the contest instead of commentating from their home countries.

Telepro reports that the EBU is asking a number of countries to send their commentators to the contest, instead of commentating on the event from their home countries. Telepro specifically cites RTBF as a broadcaster who’s commentary team has not attended the contest in a number of years. Maureen Louys and Jean-Louis Lahaye have not traveled to the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012 opting instead to commentate from a studio at RTBF offices.

RTBF is one of a number of broadcasters who do not send their commentary team to attend the contest. Other broadcasters include San Marino RTV, whose commentary team also cover the contest from the broadcasters studios in San Marino.

There are however additional costs to sending a commentary team to the competition. From accommodation to travel expenses, plus the broadcaster being required to hire a commentary booth and the cost of transmission from the arena to the host broadcaster.

Source: Telepro

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