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Czech Republic: Head of Delegation Wants to Continue National Selection

The Head of Delegation for the Czech Republic, Jan Bors, revealed that he would like to keep Eurovision Song CZ as the Czech national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In an interview with, he said that Česká televize, the Czech national broadcaster, should continue with the selection and that several Czech artists have already began working on their entries for the 2019 selection. Česká televize have yet to confirm whether or not they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, although it is expected that they will be present in Israel.

Mikolas Josef was selected to represent the Czech Republic after winning Eurovision Song CZ, the first Czech national selection since the country’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. He performed the song “Lie to Me” and finished 6th in the final with 281 points. This was only the Czech Republic’s second final appearance and their best finish ever in the contest.

Mikolas Josef recorded the new version of his song in Austria. The song needed to be changed because it contained a number of expletives which cannot be performed on the Eurovision stage. In recent years a number of songs competing in Eurovision selections have featured swearing, including in Sweden and Norway.

The original lyrics also included a reference to Prada. Commercial messages are also not allowed under the rules of the contest. Several entries have featured brand names which had to be removed, such as “Cheesecake”, the Belarusian entry in 2014, in which the reference to Google Maps had to be replaced with “all the maps”.


Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Czech Republic debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with the band Kabát and the song “Malá dáma”, they finished last in the semi-final scoring just 1 point from Estonia. The country went on to participate for a further two years before withdrawing from the contest after the 2009 edition in Moscow where scored nul points. In 2016 the Czech Republic qualified for their first final, Gabriela Gunčíková finished 25th in the final with the song “I Stand”.

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  1. But Netta referenced Pikachus among other brands, and San Marino mentioned some kind of product too. Why were they allowed to compete when the Czech Republic had to change all *its* brand name mentioning?

    ~~Riina K

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