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6 thoughts on “Iceland: RÚV Considers Withdrawing From Eurovision 2019”

  1. There is no place for hate and boycotts in the ESC. If so, then why don’t they boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup as well? Russia is also not so great in keeping human rights.

  2. The world has just gone crazy. It is such a stupid idea to boycott the Eurovision in Israel since it is the only democracy in the Middle East and we should support it! The Muslims in Gaza and other parts of the Arab world throw gay people off roof tops while in Israel they celebrate the pride parade. Last night some news networks published that Hamas confirmed 90% of the dead in Gaza were members of the terrorist organization. What’s next? Why not boycott France for their killing of the terrorists from Bataclan. Stop this hypocrisy.

    1. Israel is an amazing country, but jealousy and the underdog statement make the wheel go round. Do people know, really?

  3. Eurovision is supposed to unite countries, not tear them a part. Boycotting Eurovision is a rediculous move! So what if it’s in Israel? Israel isn’t the only country in the contest that has done terrible things!

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