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7 thoughts on “Wales: Debuts in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. Does this mean that in the future, Wales could take part in adult Eurovision? As well as Scotland and Northern Ireland? Also possibly Isle of Man and Gibraltar?

    1. Hi! I’m from Wales and no that won’t be possible because the BBC has the last say. If they enter then it means Wales can’t because you can’t have Wales and the UK competing concurrently.

      Wales is a country with its own history, government, language and culture but it is in a union with England and Scotland and Northern Ireland which forms the United Kingdom.

      It is still possible that Wales and Scotland and England could send separate entries but England would be a big 5 country and Wales and Scotland would have to compete in the semi finals. You will also have a problem of all the constituent UK countries sharing the same +44 dialling code so it would be hard to separate the voting.

      1. Who would say England would be in the Big 5? I thought the united kingdom supposed to be formed of four EQUAL countries.

    2. If the BBC withdraw, that would mean that those countries could take part yes.
      But as for now the UK is already represented it’s impossible

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