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Norway: “I have a greater maturity about winning or not winning” – Alexander Rybak

Whether Alexander Rybak wins or loses this years Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, he will be approaching the weeks after the contest differently.

Speaking at the Meet & Greet at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Alexander Rybak has revealed that his approach to the contest and his result has changed compared to 2009. The winner of the 2009 contest feels he will be far more selective in what he does after the contest and to think through everything that he decides to do.

I’ve told myself that if I win again, if I should be lucky, I’ll be much better off taking care of those around me. To take care of the things I have said yes to. To dare to say no to things.

Rybak currently sits as the second favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The singer is already been compared to Johnny Logan who won the contest twice as a singer and once as a songwriter. Whether he can repeat the feat of ‘Mr Eurovision’;

Now there is little chance that an artist can win for his country twice. It’s just Johnny Logan who has done before. He has a birthday on the same day like me, but I’m not so superstitious.

Alexander became popular globally when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with his song “Fairytale”. He holds the record for the most amount of points using the older voting system, finishing the contest with 387 points, 169 points ahead of runner-up Iceland. After the contest was over, he released his first album “Fairytales”, and went on to tour Norway and Europe. In the years after his victory, he released many singles, and composed several entries for Eurovision national final participants including Belarus’ Milki, and Malta’s Franklin Calleja.

Alexander Rybak will represent Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest this May. He was selected after he won Melodi Grand Prix 2018 with “That’s How You Write A Song”.

Source: NRK

Norway debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960, and have won the contest three times – in 1985, 1995 and 2009. The country has the dubious record of finishing last the most times, eleven in total, and have received nul points four times. Norway last won the contest in 2009 when Alexander Rybak broke all records with his song “Fairytale”. He scored 387 points in the final, receiving 16 sets of 12 points and scoring points from every country.

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