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Ukraine: Resolution in Case of 15 Million Euro Guarantee for Eurovision 2017 Still Pending

Detector Media reports that the courts in Geneva are still yet to resolve the case between UA:PBC and Euronews, in which a 15 million Euro guarantee for the hosting of Eurovision 2017 is being kept in limbo.

In the run up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 the European Broadcasting Union requested that the Ukrainian Authorities provide a financial guarantee in the event that they were unable to host the competition. The 15 Million Euros requested was held in a Swiss bank account and did not need to be used. It was the first time that the European Broadcasting Union has called for a financial guarantee from a host broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Following the contest it was revealed that a legal dispute had resulted in the 15 Million Euro Guarantee being frozen in a Swiss bank account. According to UA:PBC, the dispute is centered around Euronews and UA:PBC. National Television of Ukraine terminated a contract between the two entities in 2014 just before Euronews had been set to launch broadcasts in Ukrainian. Euronews subsequently demanded a fine of 10.59 million Euros from the Ukrainian broadcaster. The claim has since gone to court on two occasions, following an appeal in the first case, it has been deemed that the successor to National Television Ukraine is required to pay the 10.59 million Euro fine.

Last month the courts in Switzerland ruled that the funds can be seized in the case of Euronews vs the Ukrainian national broadcaster. However, the court did not rule whether the funds that have been seized are legally that of the previous Ukrainian national broadcaster NTU. The Government and UA:PBC has subsequently launched an appeal to determine that the funds are not that of NTU and are of the Government and UA:PBC, and as a result cannot be legally seized. A new court date has yet to be determined.

Source: Detector Media

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