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SRF, the German-language broadcaster in Switzerland, has revealed the names of the international jury members that voted in the Swiss selection last Sunday.

Seven international juries accounted for 50% of the vote in the Swiss selection, with the remaining 50% coming from public voting. The jury members were as follows:


  • Sokol Marsi
  • Sonila Djepaxhia
  • Klodian Qafoku
  • Elton Deda
  • Edmond Zhulali


  •  Gohar Gasparyan
  •  Asatur Asatryan
  •  Artsvik Harutyunyan
  •  Davit Tserunyan
  •  Emma Asatryan


  •  Edoardo Grassi
  •  Dumé
  •  Sebastien Barké
  •  Enea
  •  Margaux Savarit


  •  Mairena Torres Schuster
  •  Nina Straube
  •  Markus Pingel
  •  Stefan Spiegel
  •  Roman Rätzke


  •  Felix Bergsson
  •  Margrét Blöndal
  •  Máni Svavarsson
  •  Gísli Marteinn Baldursson
  •  Hulda Geirsdóttir


  •  Lev Liron
  •  Zel Chaya
  •  Litvin Eran
  •  Shevach Meytal
  •  Pinto Goel


  •  Eddy Anselmi
  •  Nicola Caligiore
  •  Marta Cagnola
  • Chiara di Gianbattista
  •  Andrea Bonetti

Several of the names will be familiar to Eurovision fans. Artsvik represented Armenia in 2017 with “Fly With Me”. Gohar Gasparyan, Edoardo Gassi, Felix Bergsson and Nicola Caligiore are all Heads of Delegation for their respective countries.


The results of the Swiss selection show was as follows:

  • Zibbz – Stones – 153 points – 1st
  • Angie Ott – A Thousand Times – 65 points – 5th
  • Naeman – Kiss Me – 33 points – 6th
  • Chiara Dubey – Secrets And Lies – 66 points – 4th
  • Alejandro  Reyes – Compass – 120 points – 2nd
  • Vanessa Iraci – Redlights – 67 points – 3rd

Switzerland have had a disappointing record in recent contests. In 2017, Timebelle failed to qualify for the Grand Final in Kyiv with Apollo. Nevertheless, Switzerland is aiming high for 2018 and hoping to make a return to the Eurovision final and has even taken the step of meeting with the successful Swedish delegation to discuss how to improve Switzerland’s fortunes.

Switzerland will be competing in the second-half of the first semi-final which being held on May 8.

Source: SRF

Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Switzerland hosted the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 a contest that they won. Lys Assia won the first contest with the song “Refrain”, it wasn’t until 1988 that Switzerland would win the contest again. At the contest in Dublin, it was Celine Dion with “Ne partez pas sans moi” who beat the United Kingdom to victory by just 1 point. In recent years Switzerland has finished last five times since 2004. In the past three years, Switzerland has failed to reach the final.

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