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Belarus: Sophia Lapina Withdraws From National Final

Sophia Lapina has withdrawn from the Belarusian Eurovision national selection.

Sophia was one of the eleven finalists for this year’s Belarusian national final show but has announced her withdrawal today. The singer stated that the reason for her withdrawal is because fellow contestant Alekseev hadn’t been disqualified for breaking the rules. A further six artists signed a petition to get him disqualified, but so far the broadcaster has not commented on the matter.

The running order for the show is now as follows:

  1. Agagio – You and I
  2. Alekseev – Forever
  3. Shuma – Hmarki
  4. Napoli – Chasing rushes
  5. Anastasia Malashkevich – World on Fire
  6. Gunesh – I Will Not Cry
  7. Radio wave – Subway Lines
  8. ALEN HIT – I Do Not Care
  9. Lexy – Ain’t You
  10. Kirill Hood – Deja Vu

The national selection will take place on February 16th, and will be hosted by Teo and Olga Ryzhikova. The results will be decided by 50% jury votes and 50% televoting. However, in the case of a tie, it will be the jury votes that will take preference over the televoting.

Belarus was represented by Naviband in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Their entry “Historyja Majho Žyccia” was the first song to ever be performed entirely in Belarussian at the contest. They managed to take Belarus to final for the first time in three years, where they finished 17th with 83 points.

Source: Sophia Lapina

Belarus debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and has made it to the final on four occasions. For the past two years, Belarus has failed to make it through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Their most recent entrant, IVAN, finished in 12th place in his semi-final and was 21 points away from qualification. Belarus’ best result in the contest came in 2007 when Dmitry Koldun finished 6th in the final with a total of 145 points. In total Belarus has qualified for the Eurovision final five times in fourteen attempts.

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