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4 thoughts on “EBU Releases Junior Eurovision Online Voting Statement”

  1. Who knew that EBU were clever enough to own a crystal ball that could properly predict the results of the failed fifteen minute online vote? I wish I could use it for the winning lottery numbers ????

  2. Ummmm … They already said this. They’re not answering the real issues of how this affected the result.

    – If I understand the process correctly, the Juries voted on the Saturday performance which we’ve still not even seen.
    – Of the purported 330,000 online votes, how many came before the final performances and how many after? I suspect that almost all of these votes were based on the National contest performances, the videos and the first two rehearsals.

    It seems to me that the live performances ended up counting for nothing. And EBU seems unwilling to address that issue.

    Also, why are almost all of the actual contest videos on YouTube’s JESC channel geoblocked, after they promoted a global voting system?

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